A. Preparation and verification before measurement

Pair the test strip with the device using the RFID code.
  • The instrument must recognize the unique code number (RFID) of each inspection lot.If the correct code is not used, measurements may be inaccurate.
Clean your hands with warm water alcohol wipes before measuring.
  • If lotion or hand cream is used, the neutral (TC/TG) measurement will be high. Oil in the lotion or hand cream affects the readings.
Check the conditions of the test strip, the conditions of the measurement, and the temperature of the measurement environment.
  • Keep the test strip and measuring instrument at the proper temperature indicated in the manual. Store in the original container of the test strip and keep the lid closed at all times.
  • Measurement value of expired test strips are not reliable.
  • If the test strip is refrigerated, leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes before use. Temperatures that are too low or too high will affect the reading measurements.
  • If the light emitting part of the sensor is contaminated with blood or other foreign substances, it affects the measured value.
Effects of food:
  • Diet can greatly affect neutrophil (TC/TG) levels.
  • Highest concentration remains from 2 to 6 hours after meal.
  • It is recommended to measure after a minimum of 8 to 10 hours of fasting (recommended time is in the morning after waking up).
Familiarize yourself with the correct usage and make sure to collect enough blood per test.



B. Factors affecting the measured values

  • Lack of sample quantity
  • Effects of medications and foods
  • Oil in lotion or hand cream
  • Inspection storage environment (hot humidity, cold winter, etc.)
  • Ambient temperature when measuring (operating temperature: 18 – 30°C)
  • Test strip that is out of date.
  • If excessive pressure is applied to the blood injection
  • In case of multiple injections of blood
  • In case the blood injection rod is removed before the sound of the ‘beep’ is heard
  • Recycling of a blood infusion rod using other people’s blood.
  • Measure using the blood of a newborn or infant.
  • Only venous or maternal blood may be used (no serum or plasma may be used).
  • Measurement using pipettes, syringes, etc. other than the enclosed blood injection rod.