A typical business trip usually lasts a couple of days to weeks and is characterized by workshops, lectures, talks where participants spend most of the time sitting with overflowing food and coffee to keep them awake and attentive. Of course most of the talks are boring especially when highly intellectual speakers with little or no sense of humor are taking over the microphone. This becomes the time when participants would focus more on the food and drinks rather than paying attention to the one who’s talking. Attending a conference can be a venue for us to lose control of whatever healthy regimen we have especially when we are in a place that is filled with all the temptations – food, booze and late night parties. It is sometimes difficult to maintain our fitness especially when our focus is diverted into other things. Most of us have attended one or quite a few conferences and we all have an idea what happens before, during and after the event. However, there are many ways which we could maintain our health and be able to follow our diet and exercise routines even if we are not at home.

         Business Trip food can be either the best meal you ever had or the worst food worthy of vomiting. But the majority of these are planned to offer the best foods in town, usually with overflowing coffee and an assortment of rich desserts for snacks. Some even have a dessert buffet that is stocked up from the start to the end. Many participants find this food assortment something to look out for, and although a little bit won’t hurt, you still need to watch out for some sugar rush as it can increase your activity and make you sleepless at night. Although the bread, desserts and cakes could easily catch your attention, do not let yourself lose control as it will make you sleepy, feeling lethargic and unable to concentrate after a few hours of heavy carbo-loading intake. Go for fruits and vegetables instead as they are sure to be present on the conference menu.  You could even bring your own healthy snack like almonds, dried fruit or some of the healthier protein bars that will give you the energy during the day but not drain it or make your feel tired afterwards.

         Exercise is one thing that we should not forget to do when attending a conference. It is one of the easiest and important ways to maintain fitness especially after a couple of days of indulging in food and spending most of the day sitting for long hours. At least fifteen minutes of movement every day could increase your stamina for a long day’s activity. Grab every chance you get for some movement like brisk walking in the hallway every morning, or using the hotel fitness facilities like the treadmill. Simple measures like taking the stairs instead of the elevator could get oxygen into your muscles and brain and could make you feel better throughout the day.

         There are many ways to maintain fitness and these are easy to do and require minimal time from the participants. Investing in healthy measures could give us a more pleasant experience without the mood swings, depressions and feeling of fatigue due to unhealthy ways.

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