How to Keep your Health in Tip-Top Shape During the Pandemic

During this pandemic riddled season, a simple cold is never just a cold since it can very well spiral into other things such as a fever, flu or cough. So what is the best way to stay protected aside from getting your vaccine shots? Boosting your Immune System. 


Your immune system does not rest, as a matter of fact it continues to work day in and day out flushing out viruses, bacteria and fungi. Every once in a while though one entity gets through by inhaling it, having close contact to someone with a condition or swallowing something in our food. Most individuals with a good immunity can easily overcome it however most of the elderly are susceptible to contracting it and are prone to illnesses. So what is the best way to boost your immunity?

Getting Decent Amount of Sleep

The oldest trick in the book and you’ve been hearing this from your parents even as a kid. There are countless benefits of getting enough sleep that helps your physical and mental health. Complete rest helps keep your antibodies and cell production at optimal levels. Avoid overextending at work, work on a healthy sleeping pattern and put your electronics away when it’s time to rest.

Get your Nutrition

Work on implementing a healthy eating habit, stock up on fruits and vegetables and avoid frying your meals. Getting a good amount of nutrition which includes vitamins C, D, E and Zinc are vital to helping to combat any risks of getting ill. Do some meal planning otherwise after a tiresome day you might see a drive-through restaurant and be tempted. If your kids hate veggies or fruits, try prepping up smoothies that will help make the experience more enjoyable. A healthy you helps avoid racking up hospital bills especially during the pandemic season which pays plenty of attention to symptoms of illnesses.

Get your Exercise

There are endless benefits of getting your exercise which helps with maintaining your weight, physical health and immune system. Breathing exercises and simple routines such as walking or running for 20 minutes can do wonders for your health. At the same time, do these exercises in safe places where there is less contact with people not from your household.

Practice Good Hygiene

Almost everybody nowadays has alcohol chained to the bags, cars and pockets everywhere they go. There are definitely good reasons for this too since this helps limit the spread of viruses and bacteria that are airborne or present in someone else. Clean up after yourself wherever you go and make sure others follow this too, especially in the workplace. Keep your distance from people especially when doing groceries and disinfect when you reach home.

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