Total Cholesterol Test Strips

for Curo L5 Test Meter

  • For use with CURO L5 Test Meter ONLY
  • Result in 2 minutes with only a 5 sample volume for total cholesterol
  • 10x Total Cholesterol test strips
  • FDA Cleared & CE Certified
  • Strips quickly draw sample into blood inlet by capillary action for an easy fill
  • For self-testing or professional use
  • Store in a cool and dry place between 36 – 86 °F
  • Do not freeze / Do not re-use

Because this is a medical device, please ensure to carefully watch an instruction video before the test in order to get the most consistent and accurate results.

3 reviews for Total Cholesterol Test Strips for Curo L5 Test Meter

Based on 3 reviews
  1. Alan Bonner

    I have high cholesterol and my doctor advised me to get a tester to check my levels regularly. I bought the Curo L5 kit last year and still use it to this day, these strips help me check my levels every week. Here are some tips for people new to testing:

    -Fast before testing, I follow the FAQ instructions and eat early and sleep, then I’m good to go in the morning to test.
    -Use the device to check your levels and see if your diet is working. I quit sodas and fast food to track my improvements and in one week it got a lot better.
    -Purchase these strips before you run out! Hate it when I forget to buy strips and when I have to test, I’m out. Now I’m buying 2 packs every month.

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  2. Ken Johnston

    arrived late, had to follow up a couple of times however the machine works great

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  3. Steven Roetteis

    I purchased this meter so I wouldn’t need to stand by to my yearly blood work to check whether my elevated cholesterol was improving. I had likewise initiated some dietary changes and needed input on whether the thing was working or not. The results are pretty much close to my lab test results. Using this device, alongside a plant- based eating regimen assisted me with lessening my cholesterol 60 points from my lab test a year ago. Keep checking your cholesterol levels every couple of days to stay in shape, these are cheap enough to keep repurchasing.

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