Why Virtual Fitness Classes are Increasing in Popularity Today

With more and more employees working at home, weight management has recently become a challenge. You no longer go out as much aside from doing groceries once a week, no longer exercise as much as you used to, and even your eating habits have changed as you can easily take out some snacks from your refrigerator. It’s all about the adjustment and finding the strong will to keep your health and wellness in shape. 


The main challenge is finding virtual friends who are also mindful of their health and wellness while working at home which is why virtual groups have increased in popularity since you all target the same goal and share the same sentiments at the same time. In case you have a group of friends or your work team wants to try this out, take 5-15 minutes from your daily routine and try out some of these exercises:

Round Robin Cardio & Strength

Every cardio and strength class are different. Most groups pick a fun format for each class (e.g., boot camp, circuit training, build-ups, HIIT, etc.).

Zen Full Body Stretch

Full body stretch, including specific stretches for lower back and neck pain/prevention.

Mindfulness Breaks

 A 20-minute combination of guided gentle stretching and mindful meditation. Allows participants the opportunity to disconnect from the working mind, enabling them to re-enter the workspace relaxed, recharged, and focused.


Focus on strength training which targets your arms, core, thighs, and glutes. Lengthens muscles and improves flexibility.

Core Yoga

Yoga flow with dynamic core challenges integrated for a powerful and strengthening experience.

Sweat Away the Stress

Move with a purpose. Cardio and strength challenges with the final part of class devoted to calming mindfulness and centering intentions.

JumpStart My Workout with chair

Enjoy standing and chair exercises. Light exercising includes both cardio and strength exercises.

Once you learn to incorporate these activities into your daily work routine, this helps create a work, life and health balance necessary to keep you in great health while working home or anywhere.

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