Why Yoga is Good for your Heart

Yoga has been around pretty much for thousands of years, regardless of this it still continues to remain relevant for health and recreational activities. Those needing exercise and fun at the same time turn to yoga since it helps normalize your breathing, sleep and manage stress levels, all of which are good for the heart and keep a healthy cycle. Exactly why is this? Let’s name a few important reasons:

It’s a Stress Buster!

There’s nothing better than getting rid of all that stress piling up from work, your personal life or build up from unhealthy habits. The breathing exercises you perform through pranayama yoga puts a focus on inhaling and exhaling, medication and relaxation. Typically, you need at least 3 yoga sessions a week to maintain fitness and get all the health benefits.

Keeps Heart Diseases at Bay

All those years of bad cholesterol build up, high blood sugar and blood pressure all increase your risk of developing long term heart diseases. According to cardiologists, they recommend low intensity workouts to avoid stressing your heart especially if you have a condition. Through a steady habit of yoga sessions, you will be amazed how it helps lower your cholesterol levels by partnering it with a healthier food choice. The first improvement is your metabolism improving your overall weight management.

Physical Health is Mental Health

Without exercise, your mental health also takes a toll. You have less energy, you are less enthusiastic about things, eventually bringing down your overall confidence. Mental and physical help are all important for overall wellness, which yoga can do for you. Through yoga meditation and relaxation exercises you get to stretch those muscles, break a healthy sweat and improve your circulations, all of which helps give your heart a healthy treat.

Improved Sleep

A poorly managed body leads to sleep difficulties, with yoga’s breathing exercises you get to relax your heart rate and get your body prepared for a good night’s rest which are all important factors to help with metabolism, ample rest and keep you energized to take on the next day. You heart needs rest, and yoga is the best partner for it.

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